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Still trying to decide if we are the right fit for you? Here’s some feedback from the wonderful families we have had the pleasure of working with.

~A Roisin

"We knew from day one that James (Ceo, RT) would be a perfect fit. Prior to my dad going into a retirement home we had the pleasure of including RT James into our lives. James always added just the right amount of humour to his activities with my father. James was always on time, expressed concern when and if there was an issue, and provided detailed reports of their time together. He surpassed our expectations. I would absolutely recommend James if you are considering having someone attend to a family member for life enrichment or any other personal reasons.

~J Marohnic

"James is Friendly, personable, enthusiastic, honest, original, and has a Good sense of humor. I’ve had James visit since May 2019 and immediately took a liking to him. He appeared friendly and his sessions are honest with direct involvement in my life. He is knowledgeable in his field.  I have enjoyed his subsequent meetings twice a week and he always cheered me up in the process. Because of our meetings I have been feeling more positive and optimistic. I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking a reliable, conscientious, personable individual who is able to work independently without supervision."

~J Marostica

"I have had the pleasure of knowing James for over a year now and he has been working with my Mother and Brother during this time. James is Professional, Kind and Caring at all times. My Mother and Brother truly enjoy spending time with James and look forward to each visit. It is with great confidence that I leave my family in his care."


"James Young, Owner and Recreation Therapist at Impact Recreation, is exceptional. My family is impressed with his caring ways, friendliness, positive attitude, sensitivity, and ability to go above and beyond the expected. He is outstanding in his care for her as an individual, and has taken the time to get to know her personally: her likes, dislikes, sense of humour, tastes and preferences, and has even learned to identify the things which might cause her anxiety or stress. I am relieved and happy to know that my Mom spends the majority of her day pleasantly engaged in personal interaction and surrounded by the things which James provides: music, videos, reading out loud, delightful conversation, humour, games, crafts, physical activities (e.g. walking and games with a ball), as well as quiet activities. James is able to make meal times for her enjoyable, as he infuses them with stimulating and humorous dialogue and comforting prompts. James is creative, warm, compassionate, patient and professional, always innovatively pursuing fresh ideas and activities to share with her. James does his utmost on a daily basis to guarantee that my Mom is happy, healthy, secure and content. James is wonderful and we are lucky to have him."

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