Introduction to Service


Our sessions provide a large number of choices and possibilities for our clients to ensure their success. Choices of games, activities, and modifications are so numerous that we may be able to implement the same activity in multiple ways to ensure the proper challenge level without becoming frustrating. Learn about this and more during our consultations and continued sessions.

A Foundational Start

Holding Hands





1:1 Companionship

Every session begins here as a foundational start to your success.


Our clients are vastly unique and daily therapeutic needs may vary day-by-day. We acknowledge this and begin all sessions with a therapeutic companionship approach before further implementing additional programs and interventions. Using this method means we may still ensure success during days where symptoms or needs are stronger.


 Please read below to learn how we expand our therapeutic interventions for client benefit and success.

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Additional Session Details

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Session Duration

All sessions begin at 2 hours in length and may be extended at times. Session duration begins at first contact with the client.

Operating Hours



Excluding Holidays

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Sessions may be canceled as late as 24 hours before session start time.

Cancellation of a session within 24 hours may result in a cancellation fee.

Session Reports

Shortly after your session is scored, we will send a text message with all relevant details to your authorized parties and/or POA. Reports may arrive at the end of business day should sessions run later than expected.

Medical Team
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