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Frequently Asked Questions

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We receive many questions regarding our services as the concept of mobile recreation services and its benefits are not widely known yet. It is part of our overall goal to bring awareness to the general public about the effects of a diminished quality-of-life and the associated health risks that can develop as a result.

Who do You Serve?

We work with clients of all demographics. Anyone who is experiencing a loss of quality-of-life is eligible to be served regardless of their age or circumstance pending a satisfactory intake assessment. We have worked successfully with people who live with advanced Dementia, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, and More.

Do you have a Public storefront?

Unfortunately, we do not have a public storefront for access. We will come to your home or to a location of your choosing that is within our service boundaries. Though we may have a corporate office in the future.

Are you Hiring?

We are Hiring! Our model ensures we can Hire adequately in proportion to the clients we bring- in to keep our waiting list times short. Give us a call to inquire about your area.