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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions regarding our services as the concept of mobile recreation services and its benefits are not widely known yet. It is part of our overall goal to bring awareness to the general public about the effects of a diminished quality-of-life and the associated health risks that can develop as a result.

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Who Do

You Serve?

We work with all demographics who are experiencing a loss of their quality of life, regardless of age, disability or circumstance. If we are able to safely provide recreation to you, we’ll take you on as a client.

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Do You Have

A Public Storefront?

Although we will be looking to have a public storefront to host consultations, assessments and a day program system in the future, we are happy to provide these services right to your home across Canada with our growing network of support.

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Are You


We are hiring! As our network of support continues to grow within our community’s hospitals, homes and care environments, we are scaling up our team of professional RT companions to need the demand of our clients.

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