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About Us


Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the collective quality-of-life by providing affordable, Person-Centered Recreation Therapy services to all Canadians who lack adequate engagement and domain activation.


We aim to achieve this by expanding into all areas of Canada that have a dependable internet system and working hand-in-hand with existing care systems to ensure a thorough net of support regardless of geographic conditions.


We take the privacy of our clients seriously. We do not share the information of our clients outside of the care systems that are already in place. We may discuss and review recommendations to be placed with care-home staff members to those already deemed relevant to know such information. Charting, social media posts, testimonials, and other forms of written or verbal information are only revealed under the explicit request of a client or those who possess the legal authority to give consent. Written documentation is completed with the initials of the client to protect their identity.

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The Domains of Life

Domains of life
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is a domain

The four domains of life are critical to the development, maintenance, and protection of our physical and mental health. Every day, humans must engage for a minimum of 30 minutes daily Socially, Physically, Emotionally, and Cognitively. Without this critical engagement, a person may be at a higher risk of developing diseases such as depression and dementia.

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More frequent Communication reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. Feelings of isolation contribute to higher rates of disease and can be prevented.


Muscles that keep moving stay moving. Maintain your strength and stamina into your later years by staying mobile and agile with our workout programs designed to keep you active.

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Expressing yourself positively and feeling happy more frequently enables for lower blood pressure, more motivation, and a potentially longer lifespan.


Keeping mentally fit means having sharper logic, critical thinking, better memory, and reduced confusion.

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Our Activation Process

Planting a Plant



Our process starts with assessment. We'll come to meet with you, assess needs and goals, then produce a strategic plan that uses multiple points of information. At this step, we will determine the scheduling and other necessary information.

Planting a Plant



Secondly (And here's the fun part), your session begins and your TR Companion will already be hard at work ensuring you are engaged and active while accessing a vast programs catalogue of your choice.

Planting a Plant



After your session, your therapist will evaluate the session away from the session environment and determines which aspects of the session worked well along with what needs improvement. A session report is generated and sent to authorized parties and care staff.

Planting a Plant



Finally, the suggested interventions are implemented into the next session, and the process will continually repeat to ensure full optimization of engagement and satisfaction.

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Therapeutic Supports

Therapeutic Supports


Relief prompts, LOFT Training, Prior experience and an understanding of the human brain ensure we are equipped and certified to support your loved ones living with dementia of all forms including Alzheimer's Disease.


We may engage your loved one using key dialogue in conversations to spark pleasant memories, reminiscing, story- telling and to retain memory strength.


A strong body can walk further and see less obstacles through life compared to those who do not maintain their physical strength.

Behavior Redirection

Negative behaviors may be redirected using gentle approach methods and active preventions to ensure your loved ones are happy and well comforted during our sessions.

After-Session Reporting

After your session, we may send a detailed report to anyone authorized to stay informed and receive scores of engagement along with any potential flags. More information of engagement scoring below.


Our cognitive engagement methods of targeted-prompting, stimulation-based activities and general interaction may improve memory, clarity, and lucid thought.

Medication Reminders

We may remind your loved ones of their medications and encourage at the request of those authorized.


Eating well is essential to quality of life and wellbeing. Your RT companion is trained in safe dining and can assist you with proper eating and redirection of barriers that appear while eating alone.

Flexible Session Scheduling

Need to change to a different day of the week for your sessions? We'll do our best to accommodate any changes to duration an scheduling.

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Additional Session Details

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Session Duration

All sessions begin at 2 hours in length and may be extended at times. Session duration begins at first contact with the client.

Operating Hours



Excluding Holidays

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Sessions may be canceled as late as 24 hours before session start time. Cancellation of a session within 24 hours may result in a cancellation fee.

Session Reports

Shortly after your session is scored, we will send a text message with all relevant details to your authorized parties and power of attorney. Reports may arrive at the end of business day should sessions run later than expected.

Medical Team
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