A new lease on life

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There are many things to know about us as we are a one-of-a-kind solution to your mobile recreation needs. We exist as a supplement to the already existing recreation services that operate within hospitalized and long-term care settings or as a new service and experience to your loved ones who live in a residence. Continue reading to learn how we operate, Our session structure, and more.

Our mission

It is our core mission to bring the planet's population access to affordable recreation services and companions that enable a lasting social, physical, emotional, and cognitive benefit to improve the quality-of-life of our loved ones through meaningful engagement experiences.

How we view recreation

As humans, we love to enjoy life. To live at one's best and enjoy life optimally is known as having an optimal "Quality of life". A person's quality of life may be determined by the amount of personal fulfillment felt on a daily basis. Although many people of all demographics do live happily, others may be lacking theirs due to age, disability, disease, or circumstance. Key factors that have a strong impact on quality of life are the "domains" of recreation. We must engage in these areas of our lives every day to see the most benefit. Walk stronger, laugh harder, think more clearly and feel more connected with the world. We enable these with our tailored interactions.

Session structure

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Every session takes place over a 75-minute time slot. Included in this slot are setup time, implementation of session, clean-up, and evaluation time. Two time slots may be purchased in a row for those who request extra time on a pre-arranged agreement.

Session information

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Session Availability

Session slot availability varies based on the workload of our RT companions and the current season. Our service requires 1 session per week Minimum. 2 sessions are recommended.

Operating hours



Excluding Holidays

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In the event of a session cancellation, we will provide as much notice ahead of time as possible including contacting care home if applicable.

Interdisciplinary Teams

We can coordinate with other health services including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Personal support, nursing, Physicians and more. Reporting and progress updates are shared where appropriate and while maintaining confidentiality.

Our adaptation process

Every single person is unique. With this comes a unique set of wishes, skills, routines, boundaries, and preferences. We acknowledge this, and we designed a system that moves, changes and adapts with you. Not just you- The unique you. This system spans four different stages that repeat in an endless cycle of refinement, monitoring, and recommendation. We move with you and adapt to your needs that change over time.

Session evolution

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First, Assessment

In order to bring the optimal experience to you, we must first learn as much about yourself as possible. Our assessment will determine many variables including scheduling, obstacles, risks, and adaptation variables. We'll come to you, get to know you, build a personalized plan that is adapted over time.



We will run the session with the current recommendations in-mind while being mindful of the current levels of engagement during the session. As the session progresses, new recommendations are formulated in real-time if needed, and are noted.

Third, Evaluation

After each session is completed, a 15-minute session evaluation is then carried out by your companion. This evaluation covers many points of information such as new risks found, notes on engagement, confidential statistics collection for reference and recommendations for modification of the next session to be better engaging. This process is free of charge.



All recommendations and requested changes are adjusted for the next session. Engagement is then noted once again during the following session evaluation to continue the cycle of improvement.

The domains of recreation

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At the core of Recreation Therapy lays the proven concept of engaging five primary domains of life. All interactions, games, and activities are specially designed to engage as many of these domains at one time as possible without becoming overwhelming. Below are their specific names and descriptions.

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Social interaction

All creatures are to be social. Without this, we are left feeling withdrawn and our mental health can be affected. Even just the presence of another person in the room can have an impactful effect on the body and mind.

Physical movement

Muscles, when not used enough, begin to lose strength. Programs selected with Physical domain in- mind will engage the body while being mindful of unsafe movements.

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Cognitive thought

A mind that isn't challenged (within reasonable boundaries to prevent frustration) may begin to lose neural plasticity, memory, and critical thinking skills. Our difficulty-ranging programs will keep the mind engaged.

Emotional range

A person's emotional health is very important to keep in balance. Expressing and feeling of a range of feelings can help with coping skills, ease depression, and reduce stress.


We take the privacy of our clients seriously. We do not share the information of our clients outside of the care systems that are already in place. We may discuss and review recommendations to be placed with staff members in an interdisciplinary system to those already deemed relevant to know such information. Charting, Social media posts, testimonials and other forms of written or verbal information are only revealed under the explicit request of a client or those who possess legal authority to give consent. Written documentation is completed with the Initials of the client to protect their identity.