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As humans, we love to enjoy life. To live at one's best and enjoy life optimally is known as having an optimal "Quality of life". A person's quality of life may be determined by the amount of personal fulfillment achieved on a daily basis. Though many people of all demographics do live happily, others may be losing theirs slowly due to age, disability, disease, or circumstance. Key factors that have a strong impact on quality of life are the "domains" of recreation. We must engage in these areas of our lives every day to see the most benefit. Walk stronger, laugh harder, think more clearly and feel more connected with the world. As we have sessions with you or your loved ones, we complete reports after each session and forward relevant information directly to your family at your request. Enhance tomorrow by engaging today.

The domains of recreation


Social interaction

Cognitive thought

Physical movement

Emotional range

Each corner is a primary domain

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Our session process

Session evolution

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First, Assessment



Third, Evaluation




We take the privacy of our clients seriously. We do not share the information of our clients outside of the care systems that are already in place. We may discuss and review recommendations to be placed with staff members in an interdisciplinary system to those already deemed relevant to know such information. Charting, Social media posts, testimonials and other forms of written or verbal information are only revealed under the explicit request of a client or those who possess legal authority to give consent. Written documentation is completed with the Initials of the client to protect their identity.

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