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Impact Recreation Services Inc. is an affordable personal recreation therapy and companionship service dedicated for your loved ones of any demographic. We re-establish the quality of life of you or your loved ones using the proven benefits of companionship, statistic tracking and fun, safety- conscious activities to ensure a fully engaged environment during our sessions. We'll come right to your home or care facility, coordinate with your care team, and bring enjoyment back to your life. We provide this service for all demographics including those diagnosed with mental health complications.


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We aim to please. Our services are diverse to allow for a broad spectrum of recreation and quality of life supports for you or your loved ones wherever appropriate. See below for information on how we benefit you and how we achieve our results. More information can be found in our "About us" page.

Core services

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1-on-1 Leisure conversation, targeted prompts for cognitive engagement and strengthening.


Leisure Activities

Various fun activities designed to engage with dynamic rules and levels of challenge.

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Community outings

Accompaniment with your loved one to events within the community pending satisfactory assessment requirements.

(This service is temporarily suspended)


Assisted exercises

Implementation of exercise programs that have already been created by your physiotherapist for optimal mobility when available.

Our advantages

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Session scores with progress tracking and updates

Our assessment and evaluation system is implemented from our first time meeting your loved one. After each session, engagement scores are generated and tracked over time to ensure every session has optimal engagement.


Tailored experiences

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The power of choice is in your hands with a wide selection of activities, games, puzzles and more. We determine which activities are best suited for you then let you choose which one suits your tastes for the day with changes made anytime.

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Team cooperation with other health systems

Coordinated updates with other existing health supports either in-home or within care buildings or hospitals.


Dementia and cognitive supports

Our training allows us to have a deep understanding of your loved one's specific needs in the moment. We are able to climb many obstacles associated with Dementia and other diagnoses.

A life restored

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Recreation therapy has the ability to benefit your life in multiple ways. Research suggests RT can even extend the lifespan of a person by reducing stress, anxiety, and in cases slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Here are more examples of how we may be a benefit to you.

Key benefits

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Restore independence

Our programming, redirection, and goal-setting strategies have the ability to have your loved one rejoin the community in a controlled and safe way without relying on family and friends who may be required to be away throughout the day. This leads to less isolation and the feeling of having independence once again.

Improve confidence

Achieving a task or completing a game/ challenge is more possible with our adaptive programs, hand- selected for varying levels of challenge to ensure success.

Become happier

We love to see our clients smile. Our methods of prompting your loved ones to enjoy life with extra smiles and appreciation for life are specifically timed and targeted. The more we experience this, the more frequently we can remember that life should be enjoyed.

Boost self-esteem

How we feel about ourselves has a strong impact on our cognitive state and quality of life. To-date, we have observed a strong improvement in self-esteem since intake.

Services delivered to your home

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Our service zones are expanding into a Canada-wide network to best meet your therapeutic needs. Coverage will begin in southern Ontario areas and will expand to more cities in the future. If you wish for us to serve your area, you may help us see you sooner by joining our waiting list. We'll reach out to you with updates on our process.

Current service areas

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