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Your Enhanced Self Is Just Around The Corner

Welcome to Impact Recreation Services Inc. We are a private recreation therapy and companionship service dedicated to Restoring, Maintaining, and Enhancing the Quality of life of you and your loved ones.


We meet you in your home or care environment, identify your unique declines and improve your quality of life using proven methods designed to put you first. Our therapeutic interventions enable barriers created by impairment, disease, and injury to be managed as we track your progressive decline and continue to intervene where necessary for an optimal quality of life in any age or demographic.

Your RT Recreational companion arrives fully stocked with activity programs tailored to your needs including suggested activities you may love to try at your leisure.

Speak Louder, Move stronger, and Feel happier as we engage with you, challenge you, and interact with you in a way never experienced before.


when you are

We offer flexible Scheduling, Session extensions, and more.

Contact us to learn how we may help you or a loved one

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Enhanced Companionship

The powerful benefit of Therapeutic Recreation, in-person and right at your front door. Become more engaged, express yourself, and live your life to its fullest. 

In the comfort of your home

Your TR Companion carries a full-set of activities that are designed to work with your level of need. Play, solve, explore, design, express and orientate your way through games, crafts and activities of your preference.

Teach us your favorite game.

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Therapeutic Activation Activities

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Support Outlines

 and Education

Learn how to better support your loved one including how to manage symptoms and behaviors as we build you a custom therapeutic support outline that provides critical  insight with suggested activities you can implement on your own time.

The same trusted techniques we use, in the palm of your hands.

Never miss important details again during your next doctor’s appointment as we escort you to and from your local clinic or hospital, take notes and help with facilitation. Companionship and support where you need it.


*excluding personal care

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Session Score Tracking



Enjoy your sessions that consistently improve over time as we evaluate your engagement based on multiple key factors of engagement. Our proprietary charting system identifies early signs of decline and enables us to place interventions where necessary to keep you engaged.

A bird’s-eye view, just for you.

Re-experience the outdoors in ways never imagined before as we embrace your favorite past outdoor activities and help re-integrate your routines in the community.

The wind in your hair, the way you want.

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Community Outings

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Strengthening Exercises

Regain lost strength or maintain your current level of fitness as we build a custom exercise routine for you based on your currently prescribed physiotherapist exercise routine. Move further and improve balance as we challenge you with our dynamic program that meets your dynamic needs every day.

*Physio exercise prescriptions recommended

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Client Demographics

Medical Team

Multiple Demographics Served

We provide service to all ages with multiple diagnosis levels and abilities. Continue reading for our full list of care environments and supported demographics.

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Development Assistance

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Quality of life Maintenance

Patient Room

End of Life












Long-Term Care





Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation


Regain Independence

Your autonomy is re-established as we enable you to enter the community and engage in your favorite past-time.

Improve Mobility

A strong body can walk further and see fewer obstacles through life compared to those who do not maintain their physical strength.


Worries and fears can lead to a severe loss of overall daily satisfaction and may lead to illnesses associated with stress anxiety, depression, and more.

Improve Mental Strength

Our cognitive engagement methods of targeted-prompting, stimulation-based activities, and general interaction may improve memory, clarity, and lucid thought.

Quality of Life

Quality of life is the key to all people living healthy and happy. Staying happy and engaged contribute to increased daily satisfaction and a longer lifespan. 


Stay in touch with your Spiritual side as we assist you in practicing your faith.


Why Choose Us?

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Commitment To Your Enrichment

We are committed to the success of our clients and approach every session with passion and holistic planning. We'll meet with you, assess your needs, create a 360-degree view of whom you are, and intervene using methods that benefit you on a deeper level compared to using just activities alone.

Continue reading below to see how we achieve our results.

Copying Down

Session Evaluations 

And Progress-Tracking

Have detailed session reports sent directly to authorized parties to stay informed and be aware of what we observe during sessions to ensure optimal safety and awareness.

Personalized Experiences Just For You

Every activity we offer may be modified in rules, material type, difficulty, and more to ensure a great balance of engagement and challenge.

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Your RT Companion works alongside other services when they are available to ensure all aspects of care, engagement, and inclusion are maintained as we help facilitate your alternate appointments.

Proven Experience

With over 4000+ collective sessions completed, we have the proven experience to ensure your needs are met at all times

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Meet Our CEO


James Young

Ever since I was 13 yrs old, I remember having a having deep passion for enabling others to have a better day wherever I could. It is with this passion that I chose to dedicate my life to serving those who are not living to their fullest and re-establishing their joy of life through Therapeutic Recreation. To date, I volunteer within the community and teach others to live optimally.

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